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PYP Co-ordinators are Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Pedagogical Leadership Team (PLT) members. A PYP Co-ordinator is an exemplary pedagogical leader who supports the implementation of the school's vision, mission and strategic plan. A PYP Co-ordinator ensures the safety, wellbeing and development of all members of the VPA community. As pedagogical leaders, a PYP Co-ordinator fosters a professional learning community which supports collaboration, teamwork, innovation, growth and high standards of achievement.
A PYP Co-ordinator is familiar with the latest teaching and learning methodology and plays an integral role in the implementation and organization of the PYP programme.

Position Roles and Responsibilities:
IB Documentation
1. Be familiar with and promote understanding and use of all PYP documents
2. Ensure that IB documents pertaining to the PYP section of the school are accessible to all staff members and support the bilingual nature of VPA’s programme.
3. Collaborate with relevant staff in the creation and improvement of PYP planners, ensuring they are accurate, comprehensive and properly implemented
4. Coordinate the review and updating of the school’s programme of inquiry (annually), scope and sequence documents and PYP relevant policies and guidelines (periodically)
5. Ensure the IB PYP Standards and Practices and feedback from reviews are included in development and implementation of the PYP action plan
6. Prepare and submit any documentation required for authorization and evaluation

Professional development
1. Guide staff through the VPA Professional Review and Development Programme (PRD)
2. Ensure new staff receive induction into the PYP Programme and the VPA Programme of Inquiry
3. Promote and guide staff toward professional development opportunities based on the schools needs, PRD, specific roles and teacher’s interests
4. Keep a record of all professional development attended and monitor equality of opportunity and PYP programme requirements
5. Support individual teachers and teams in the implementation of a constructivist, inquiry model of teaching and learning that reflects the bilingual nature of VPA’s programme.
6. Support the teachers responsible for, and the students involved in, the PYP Exhibition in the final year of the programme

Resource management
Coordinate the procurement and management of suitable resources, to support the implementation of the programme and ensuring they support the bilingual nature of VPA’s programme.

Collaboration and communication
1. Be a part of the regular SLT meetings, giving full and detailed feedback re. the PYP implementation
2. Facilitate UOI meetings alongside other SLT members for all yearbands.
3. Support and guide Assistant PYPCs in their roles (if there is any)
4. Support teachers in their implementation of the programme, ensuring that all requirements of the IB concerning the implementation of the programme and continuity of educational experience, are adhered to and the bilingual nature of VPA’s programme is supported
5. Coordinate specialists’ involvement in collaborative planning
6. Collaborate with specialists in the development of stand alone unit planners and integration with the Programme of Inquiry
7. Coordinate parent information sessions and Curriculum Newsletters ensuring they support the bilingual nature of VPA’s programme.
8. Promote the programme to the learning community through various communication channels. e.g. The VPA Weekly, Toddle, official WeChat account.
9. Act as the main conduit between the school and the IB including responding to requests for information (for example, questionnaires)
10. Circulate all relevant information received from the IB and ensure that teachers and other staff are kept up to date with current developments and enhancements in the programme e.g. ensure all teachers have access to the IB Programme Resource Centre (My IB), communicate PYP Enhancement information
11. Play an active role in local and international IB networks
12. Collaborate and communicate with the MYP and DP Co-ordinators e.g. provision of shared PD opportunities, Year 5 transition, programme evaluation, programme continuity

Job Requirements:

1、Master degree or above, with teacher qualification certificate, participated in IB training;
2、Fluent English communication skills, capable of working in English;
3、More than 5 years of curriculum implementation experience (PYP/MYP), more than 2 years of work experience as grade leader or more than 1 year experience as IB coordinator;
4、Have a sySTEAMatic and in-depth understanding of IB, have the ability to coordinate or design relevant teaching activities, and be responsible for related teaching responsibilities together with the management of the school at home and abroad;
5、Identify with the school's educational philosophy and culture;
6、Experience in curriculum development and rich practical experience and insights on how to integrate the National Curriculum (CNC) under the IB (MYP/PYP) framework;
7、Capable of working in a multicultural environment and playing a good demonstration and leading role in the team;
8、Positive and optimistic, positive and responsible, with good team spirit and leadership;
9、Experience as an IB training officer or certification officer is preferred.
10、Assist to complete PYP/MYP authorization.



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